Coming soon! Less crying, more smiles, and lots of learning!

Spring is coming and change is in the air!

I have teamed up with Live Your Message to create a Little Elf Family Services that brings out the inner superhero in each of us… starting with me and creating a ripple effect to the families that I serve.  I have joined their year-long mentorship program, where I aim to spend this next year discovering more about who I am at my best self and getting to know my families better.  My goal is to see how my best self can serve your deepest family needs to build a program that provides the highest value for and deep relationships with the families I serve.  I am shifting my focus from “How do I fill my classes?” to “How can I be at my best to bring out your best? How can I support you to get more of your needs met?  How can I help you and your partner and your child(ren) to cry less and smile more and grow as people?”  I aim to provide services of the highest value, so that you say “that was worth every penny I spent.”

For now, the monthly challenge will shift its focus to be more of a monthly blog to show you who I am and what I am learning along the way.

I also hope you will join my new "office hours” so that we can connect and get to know each other better.  

Here's how it works.  I will be available on Zoom for anyone who wants to chat.  We will spend the time each sharing a high and a low of our week, so that we can get support and encouragement from one another.  

A few notes;
- Download the Zoom app ahead of time so that you don't miss the fun because of technical issues.  
- If you object to being recorded, please let me know that before we start.  
- For now we will start with just a 30 minute call, so please be courteous to ensure that everyone gets a turn to speak.  

- Any parent or adult family member is crazy about a child and wants the opportunity to share some time together and hear from other parents.  

- Thursday, March 7 and Thursday, March 21 at 1:30 PM or 8 PM for 30 minutes

Dial in to: