Monthly Challenges

The theme of Bringing Baby Home is "small things often," so I offer a challenge each month to help us to build positivity, playfulness, and teamwork into our everyday lives.

The Spring 2018 Team Challenge

Our spring 2018 mission is to recognize Dr. Gottman's "Four Horsemen" and to be able to use the antidotes to defeat them. Over the next four months, our challenges are going to focus on the antidotes to the "four horsemen."   Our monthly challenges will be:

- February:  the antidote to contempt:  creating a culture of appreciation

- March:  the antidote to criticism:  complaining without blaming

- April:  the antidote to defensiveness:  accepting responsibility for our part of the problem

- May:  the antidote to stonewalling: taking breaks to calm down

Join me and the Little Elf family as we strengthen our families and make our lives more positive and playful!  

Positive, playful co-parents.jpg

The 5:1 Ratio Challenge 

As you may know, Dr. John Gottman’s research shows that healthy relationships contain AT LEAST 5 times more positive interactions than negative interactions. In honor of Thanksgiving, our November challenge was to come up with ways to increase the ratio of positive to negative with both our partners and our children. 

[At Bringing Baby Home] I liked the exercises and discussions that I was able to have with my husband but also having Lara as the ‘mediator’ or point out what was important that we just said. I learned to better handle conflict resolution and be aware of build-ups to the 4 horsemen in order to avoid further escalation. I learned the importance of reading baby cues. I hope to be able to recognize the signs our baby gives and respond accordingly. I hope to also implement bonding with baby together with my husband and doing inclusive play.
— An expectant mother from Gilroy, CA