Chat with an expert - for dads

What can I do to support my partner? Am I the only guy who’s struggling with becoming a dad? Join Chat with an Expert phone forum the first Monday of every month for reliable information, support, and resources.

This is a place where dads, partners, extended family members or other support people, and professionals can find some answers and support from an expert – and from other men. You’ll find honest and compassionate talk about the adjustment to parenthood, information about how fatherhood can affect you, and some helpful advice.

Harmony Birth - Dads' Group

It’s not ALL about the Moms! Finally some time for dads to connect about what it’s like to be a father – the rewards and the challenges! Society expects a lot from modern dads, but hasn’t caught up to honoring their unique needs for support.

Kyle Pruett, M.D.

One of my favorite fatherhood experts.  


"...As many as 1 in 4 dads do experience postpartum depression. Having no visible examples in our culture of men like this, a father with postpartum depression usually suffers in isolation – sure that he’s the only one. And, of course – with no examples to look to – he doesn’t have any idea what to do about it."

Resources for dads - from Postpartum Support International

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