Bringing Baby Home for us was a very unique perspective of baby preparation. Most classes focus on baby baby baby but this course equally addresses the two people that made the baby! The conflict resolution exercises and other interactive getting-to-know-your-partner exercises were fun and engaging. Tying in baby’s cues only emphasizes the mantra of “really pay attention to your loved ones”. Two people are never done learning each other, and this class supports that. In fact we have used the techniques used in this class to listen to each other and solve problems. We have used the activities cards when out on a dinner date too!
— Father of a newborn

A mother of a newborn said:

Lara is here today for a "What's My Baby Saying?" session, and although tired with our 3 week old, we are thriving! We are so glad to see her since we did the "Bringing Baby Home" classes before our sweet little guy was born. We learned so much during the weekly sessions before, so it is exciting that we aren't freaking out since Lara taught us proper expectations for our relationship with each other and for dealing with a newborn baby at the same time.

For us the class was sort of like pre-marital counseling, but pre-baby! Even though we have a pretty great marriage with open communication, we needed to talk through our upbringings, our parenting expectations, conflict resolution with each other and also how we plan to resolve conflict with our son. Lara was a great mediator for us and helped us work through some issues. It was very hands on! I would definitely recommend the classes for anyone expecting a baby!

I would say that although the title of the seminar wasn’t specifically for our situation, we derived a ton of benefit from it by just tailoring your teachings to our needs and situation.

I would say that the classes are great for people that already have a young child because in reality the class teaches how to have better and more effective communication with your partner with the massive new pressure and stress that comes with raising a new child and the effect it has on the dynamics of the parents’ relationship.

We are closer than ever and really got great benefit from your class.
— Parent of an 18-month-old

After our first class, another participant said:

What is one thing that you learned in our first class at Bringing Baby Home that you would like to apply this week? "How to interact with my spouse in a more respectful way."

What is one thing that you learned in our first class at Bringing Baby Home that you would like to apply with your baby? "Watching for baby body language to meet the baby's needs"

What is one thing that you appreciated about the teaching style that Lara used for Bringing Baby Home? "Using visual auditory as well as interactive medium for instruction"

Is there anything that Lara could do differently to help you to learn and work together with your partner? "Nothing at this time"

What did Lara do at Bringing Baby Home that helped you to feel comfortable and safe to participate? "She shared her personal experiences to show how the material related to her life."

Is there anything else that Lara could do at Bringing Baby Home to help you to feel comfortable and safe to participate? "None at the moment"

Is there anything else that you'd like to share about the first Bringing Baby Home class? "Very informative so far"

[My husband] and I really got a lot out of your class. I have actually mailed the two brochures that I took home to our friends who are expecting and to [our] cousin who is thinking of conceiving soon.

[My husband] has been super helpful around the house and more aware of the chores. He has helped each night with cooking or prep. We have been more appreciative towards each other and been doing the 6 second kiss each night. I feel like we had a great marriage before your class, but we have just become stronger. We have not had any fights since we took the class either. ;)
— Expectant mother

Another recent member of our class wrapped it up this way:

Overall, how would you rate your experience taking Bringing Baby Home at Little Elf Family Services? 5/5 stars

What did you like best about the Bringing Baby Home class? Practice time

What did you like best about Lara's teaching style? Interactive

What is something that you learned that you would like to apply with your partner? Softened starts

What is something that you learned that you would like to apply with your baby? Involving Dad

Do you have any comments or suggestions for future classes? Anything that could be done differently next time? [blank]