Bringing Baby Home

The Bringing Baby Home program is a class that was created to help couples prepare for life with a new baby. It increases the joy of parenting and gives new parents the tools they need to be the best parenting team possible. The program provides the opportunity to plan ahead, so that new parents can keep their friendship strong and develop strategies for parenting intentionally. We provide a safe space to talk about what kind of parents we want to be together and about what babies need to get off to a great start. We learn to be mindful to respond to the needs of our partners and our babies, so that each person in the family feels known, loved, and respected.  The workshop is best taken during pregnancy, but it can be taken anytime after baby is born. Pre-crawling babies are welcome.

Couples who have participated in the program:

  • Were more satisfied in their relationship and were more likely to stay together
  • Were better prepared to bring their baby home
  • Were more able to work together in family play and in co-parenting, with greater father involvement and more secure father-infant attachment

Their children:

  • Had stronger language skills
  • Smiled and laughed more during family play at 3 and 12 months of age

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A description of the Bringing Baby Home program from the Gottman Institute