Play challenge personal update

Some more ways that I am experimenting with play:  

  • Wearing a scarf to visit families so that I can play peekaboo with the babies and toddlers  
  • Light saber battles with wrapping paper tubes
  • Making a race car out of a cardboard box with the nephews
  • Extra walks and time on the elliptical
  • Finished Stuart Brown's book Play, and now I'm starting to read The Gift of Play: Why Adult Women Stop Playing And How To Start Again. by Brannen, Barbara
  • I'm exploring the things that I've enjoyed doing in the past. I'm learning that I enjoy physical play, and generally I enjoy getting outdoors.  I miss ice skating on a pond in the wintertime. I miss walks through the creeks of western New York. I enjoy walking on local trails, such as the Los Gatos Creek Trail.  I'm planning some dates with my hubby to go dancing.  
  • Getting face-to-face with the babies and toddlers that I work with, observing them and enjoying their sweet smiles.
  • I enjoy playing with the props that I use to emphasize a point when I am teaching or speaking. For example, I love to bring funny glasses to use to help us to look through someone else's point of view. I love to bring brain stress balls to teach about calming down first before trying to problem-solve. I love to use bubbles to teach babies (and adults) to calm and control their breath.